Thursday, November 03, 2005

See the Interview

See the candidate interview with Lee Goodman from the AtCenterNetwork, a place where people can openly discuss the important issues of the day.

Part 1 - Iraq (see my note below)
Part 2 - Pork; Jobs; Taxes & Spending; Campaign Finance
Part 3 - Social Security & Healthcare; Education; Iran

At one point in Part 1 of the interview, I share a local "private joke" with the interviewer, who happens to be a 10th District neighbor to those of us here in the 8th District of Illinois. The premise of the joke is the fact that the person who now represents us in the 8th District, Melissa Bean -- does not live in our district, but in his.

For some reason, her opponents tried to make that a pivotal issue in the 2004 campaign. (And you wonder why they lost!?)

To me, this represents a different issue -- one of electoral reform. If it is okay for the politicians to choose their voters (through gerrymandering ridiculous district lines that bear no connection with our local sense of community, and by running for office in any district they choose), then why can't we voters also choose our politicians? Someone who we feel represents us.

If we were free in the 8th District in 2004 to make such a choice, we would not have been stuck with such a limited menu as Phil Crane and "Phyllis Crane" (the name some people jokingly gave to Melissa Bean). I would love to have been able to cast a vote for Jan Schakowsky in Cook County, Lee Goodman in Lake/Cook County, or Christine Cegelis in DuPage County, all of whom are neighbors.

So, now you can "get" the joke. I hope you get the point too.
Free the Voters!


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