Monday, May 17, 2010

2010 Campaign Website

We now have our 2010 campaign Facebook page:

Congress has only 435 seats, 435 voices, 435 votes. Today, local and global are one. We need every voice, every vote, we can get. It does not matter where you live. I want to represent you. I want to help you bring a voice and vote to Congress for a renewal of the "rising tide economics" that built our once-thriving middle class and made us the most prosperous nation in the world.

The "trickle-down economics" theory of the past 30 years is a failed experiment, just like the failed experiments some other countries had with state socialism. We tried it, and it did not work. The results are painfully clear: stagnant income for working families; runaway trade and budget deficits; an exploding gap between the top and bottom rungs of society; a decline of the middle–class.

We can reverse this. We can return to the proven success of "a rising tide lifts all boats". We need your help, your support – no matter where you live – to take our country back, one seat at a time.